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I am something between a 1st and 2nd-gen immigrant, and that means occasionally, I still take a second when people ask me “where are you from?”

︎︎︎ My transplant identity informs the core of what I do: building narratives that inspire conversations between communities + cultures.

Currently am evolving into a *real* New Yorker post my NYU days, where I earned a BS/BFA dual degree from the Stern School of Business and Tisch School of the Arts in 2020.
Here’s some other stuff about me that I may or may not be undeservedly proud of:

  • I can recite Nicole Kidman’s monologue in the AMC Theatres pre-show ad

  • I was a Tumblr influencer in high school with a blog dedicated to BBC Sherlock 

  • I once gave The Rock directions to the bathroom

Say hi! 👋🏼

︎ New York, NY