Happy Ending

producing & crowdfunding NYU thesis film

Directed by my fellow NYU Tisch peer Mei Liu, Happy Ending is a 15-minute short film that explores the kinship between two strangers in a city synonymous with both isolation and connection.

As the producer, I managed a cast and crew of 50+, who were from all over the place - New York, Shanghai, Beijing, and more. In addition, I ran social marketing, crowdfunding campaigns, and festival publicity.

Thanks to the immense support from our community, we were able to raise RMB ¥98424 (approx. ~$14050) from 201 supporters on the Modian platform to support our production budget.

The film is an official selection at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and the Rhode Island Film Festival.

crowdfunding campaigns

We developed two crowdfunding campaigns separately for supporters from U.S. and China. Inside these multimedia campaigns, we:

︎︎︎ pitched our film with a crowdfunding video and an informative deck in both English and Chinese;

︎︎︎ copyedited and designed the written and visual language throughout the campaigns to reflect the tone and mission of our film;

︎︎︎ spread the word through community and social media outreach.  

︎︎︎ U.S. crowdfunding video, published on the English-language platform Seed and Spark. I produced, shot and edited the crowdfunding video, with help from director Mei Liu who assembled reference clips from comparable films.


Jury Prize winner - Long Distance Film Festival
International Competition - Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Official Selection - Rhode Island International Film Festival
Quarter-Finalist - Female Eye Film Festival
International Festival Signs of the Night / Signes de Nuit

“There are moments in life that pierce through your routine interactions with people, that would make you realize your rehearsed set of words no longer fit, and that your curated version of self no longer feels truthful.”
- Interview with Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, Tea time with Happy Ending

“...a fable-like aura, a beguilingly simple and lacerating tale of belonging.“ - Leonardo Goi
Senses of Cinema

“...shining a light on characters often unseen. Director Mei Liu handles the tough emotional journey of these characters with delicate camerawork, a singular perspective and elegance.”
Long Distance Film Festival

︎ tiffany.lijia.chen@gmail.com
︎ New York, NY